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Plants & Planet

We love plants and are committed to finding ways to make the future a happier and greener place. Traditionally the horticultural industry, although being green at heart, uses high volumes of plastic and Peat, that are damaging the environment, something needs to change. We believe that by making small changes to the way Plants of Cornwall operates we are taking bigger steps towards creating a more sustainable and eco-friendlier world. These small steps include:


  • Sourcing plants from local suppliers 


  • Using recyclable plant pots and plastic free packaging where we can 


  • Providing Eco-friendly garden pots and accessories 


  • Encouraging people to grow plants and trees and create green spaces that are wildlife and pollinator-friendly




As much as we love plants, we are passionate about people. We view helping others and giving back just as important as looking after the Earth. We believe:


  • in the benefit of gardening and being outdoors


  • that gardening helps mental health and self confidence


  • gardening is an all-inclusive space


  • that Cornwall is the perfect place to make this happen!


If you want to know more about our sustainability vision and would like to get invovled please get in touch. 


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