Furcraea Parmentier (Bedinghaus' Giant Agave)

Furcraea Parmentier (Bedinghaus' Giant Agave)


A magnificent, large, Yucca-like plant native to the highlands of Mexico with an upright trunk and a radiating crown of countless, broad, straplike, bluish leaves. It is best suited to warm temperate climates and can take moderate freezes. Although Fulcraea parmentieri has a limited native range, it is hardy to temperatures of -5°C provided it is planted in a dry, free-draining soil. Some private and botanic gardens in Europe, North America, and Australasia cultivate Fulcraea parmentieri as an ornamental species.


Position: Full sun to partial shade - do not allow to get too wet in winter

Soil: Poor to moderately fertile soil with plenty of grit for good drainage - desert loving plant

Rate of growth: Slow to moderate, grows as a succulent rosette for a number of years then up shoots an enormous flower spike 3 m+ tall

Flowering period: Late Spring/Early Summer

Hardiness: Grow outdoors year-round in hardiness zone

Individual Fulcraea parmentieri plants tend to flower during the same year (a phenomenon known as masting). This creates a spectacular show, but leaves a sad absence in the garden once all the mature plants have died.


Garden care: Better frost free, but can survive frost. Recommended planting is all year, (in cold climate better in the spring). This plant can be pruned all year. 

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