Gunnera Manicata (Chile-rhubarb)

Gunnera Manicata (Chile-rhubarb)


This perennial dies back to below ground level each year in autumn, then fresh new growth appears again in spring.


Position: full sun or partial shade

Soil: deep, permanently moist, humus-rich soil

Rate of growth: average to fast-growing

Flowering period: June

Hardiness: fully hardy (borderline)

A dramatic, architectural plant, with massive, deeply veined, rounded leaves held on stout, prickly stems. This majestic plant looks wonderful at the edge of a large pond or stream where its foliage is reflected in the water. One of the most spectacular plants that can be grown in Britain, it requires deep, permanently moist, humus-rich soil, lots of space and protection from cold, drying winds.


Garden care: Cut back the dying leaves in autumn. In frost-prone areas protect the crown of the plant with a dry winter mulch such as straw.